Comet Inc. is the company who helps your developements of new functional materials with the Combinatorial technology.

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"Combinatorial Composition Spread samples"

Comet Inc. provide the unique service to prepare thin film samples utilizing the Compbinatorial technology.

The experienced staff suports verious material developments.
All kind of solid thin film specimen can be provided such as Thermo-voltaics, Ferroekectrics, Ferromagnetics, Battery electrodes, or Intermetallic compounds.

We can prepare Any single compositive blanket film, Binary and Ternary composition spread films.

We mainly use the Sputtering deposition and PLD(Pulsed Laser Deposition) techniques.


"Combinatorial characterization"

The multi point phisical analyses along with the compositions can be performed upon your request.

The left examles show mappings of the electrical properties, such as the dielectric constant, the flat band voltage, and the leakage current density, for the oxide complex of HfO2, Y2O3, Al2O3, on Si substrate. Compositions of 246 points were evaluated at a time.

Electrical evaluation, such as C-VAI-VASemiconductor parameters. (RT to 400Cj
Optical characterization such as Transmittance or Spectrscopic Ellipsometry
Crystalline evaluation with the micro-beam XRD
Composition analyses with the micro-beam XRF, XPS, and Augerelectron spectroscopy



"Combinatorial Magnetron Sputtering System"

CMS-6420 is the Combinatorial Mult-Cathode Sputtering system equipped with the 6 sets of magnetron cathodes and RF and DC power supplies. Any kind of thin film composition spread specimen can be synthesized by this machine.
The Binary and Ternary combinatorial deposition processes with the mask motions and the sample rotations are fully automatically proceeded following the deposition recipe.
The system can handle the 4 inch wafers which meet the semiconductor process line, and can heat the Si wafer substrate upto 650 C during deposition.

Post-annealer upto 1,000 C at the Load-Lock chamber, Quadrupole Mass Analyzer and Radiation Fiber Thermometer for Si surface are available as optional units.

Catalog is avalable here


"Movable Load-Lock system CEX-2420"

Sample specimen can be transfered between CMS-6420s or among the PLD system of Pascal Co Ltd, under the ultra-high vacume condition without exposing to atomosphere.
L/L chamber and 2 of Connection ports are evacuated by individual TMPs(Terbo Molecular Pumps), therefore the sample specimen is always maintained under the ultra-high vacume condition. The sample holders for the Sputtering system and PLD system can be transfere in the L/L chamber.
The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Suplly) backup system maintains to work the system for 30 min without the external electricity.


Comet Inc.

5-9-5, Tokodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 300-2635 Japan

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